Jamesburg Earth Station

This was originally published April 6th, 2007 on my old blog site.

I’ve been involved with a project the last few months and have not posted anything recently. A team of Ham Radio operators are restoring an old earth station owned by AT&T between 1967 and ~2003. This facility (see Jamesburg Dish ) was the primary phone and video link to Asia during the 1960’s-1980’s. 

This earth station received the first moon landing video downlinked from the moon to Australia and then across to Jamesburg via satellite. The dish is over 95′ in diameter and is located a few miles south of Carmel Valley.

Some interesting videos here: Jamesburg videos for more info… 

I’ve been working on the computer real time tracking systems which have had some issues after being mothballed for several years. In any case, really fun working on such a large machine…check back for future posts.