Going to Mars?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend over lunch today. So should the goals of our Nation / Planet be to solve problems on this planet first or should we be looking at sending people to Mars? OK, I know this sounds like a crazy thing to post about, but it brings up thoughts of “what is life all about” and “what happens when Earth becomes over populated”. It’s a big deal in the end, something Politicians seems to gloss over all the time.

In my mind, the idea is stuck in my head because human populations have outstripped the natural resources of the world. Not only the United States, but the world as a whole uses more fuel, food, air and wood than can be sustained by the planet.

Choice 1. Reduce per-capita usage of natural resources (and reduce carbon emissions)

Choice 2. Reduce population by restricting birth rates, set off a war or two and / or not fighting a global disease. Not a great way of doing it.

Choice 3. Find somewhere else to live. Is this possible? Could we colonize Mars? I bet the technology to do this is here now (or in near future) but is there a desire by “the people” to do this?

Choice 4. All of the above.

My thought is that Choice #3 is a requirement for the survival of the human race in the long run. Why take chances living on one little planet when you can be on two?

I know this is a random blog post, just was on my mind…


2019 Update: Seems relevant today as it did back in 2006. -KH